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Buy products from Government and Police Auctions at up to 95% off their market value with WholesaleScout.co.uk

Many traders are aware that there are real bargains to be had from sourcing police-seized and ex-government goods from auction, in fact many make a full time living from re-selling these products.

However finding accurate information on police auctions, police car auctions and government auctioneers is often a very long, drawn-out process, searching through hundreds of web pages for information on how to buy products from police auctions can be a tiring and often fruitless exercise. The majority of police affiliated auctioneers do not run websites which are anywhere near the top of search engines so locating the ex-police and government auction deals nearly always feels like an up-hill struggle.

Our service eradicates this problem for our members and has been devised to put you in touch with the right government and police auction contacts for your needs as quickly as possible.

Police Seized Rip Curl Barrel Mens Watch Brand New Boxed
Police Seized Rip Curl Barrel Mens Watch Brand New Boxed
Bargain Police-Seized Rip Curl Barrel Mens Watch brand new boxed and case ready for re-sale. Bought at well under market value.
Tom Tom Sat Nav 4EN42
Tom Tom Sat Nav 4EN42
Bargain Tom Tom Sat Nav system available at a fraction of the market value at Police Auction
Carrera Kraken Mountain Bike
Carrera Kraken Mountain Bike
High quality used Carrera Kraken hardtail mountain bike featuring disc brakes all round available at well below market value at Police Auction - you have to move quick to capitalise on deals like these!
Police Auction New Next Baby Clothes
Police Auction New Next Baby Clothes
Bargain Next Baby & Childrens Clothes (1 x Hoody and 2 x Tops) bought at well under market value from Police Auctions.
09 Ex-Police BMW 330d Touring
09 Ex-Police BMW 330d Touring
Bargain priced Ex-Police patrol 2009 BMW 330D Touring bought at well below market value from Police Car Auction giving great opportunity for re-sale profits.

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We have years of experience in the wholesale sourcing industry and boast a full time research staff with the sole purpose of finding trade suppliers of products which are in demand amongst our members. If the product can be bought at wholesale price, anywhere in the world, we will find it for you.

Police and Government Auctioneers
Buy anything from these sources from ex-police vehicles to seized retail goods.

Find bargains from Police and Government Auctions today.

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With more and more people realizing the benefits of re-selling online, the need to have direct access to quality, profitable goods is vital. Police auctions are a great way to buy valuable re-sale items, but finding those auctions on your own can be a time consuming and frustrating process. With Wholesale Scout there is no need to spend countless hours looking for the best police auctions. We bring police auctions to you! Here at Wholesale Scout you can buy goods from police auctions at up to 95% off their market value!

You could save thousands of pounds by stocking your inventory with goods from the various police auctions that are held all over the country every week. If you thought this meant scouring the internet, newspapers and radio to find police auctions in your area, think again. Only some police auctioneers advertise online and their websites are difficult to find. As a business person you know that time is money and the time you spend looking for resalable items cuts into your profit. Take back control and let Wholesale Scout tell you where to find the best police auctions in your area.

Cars are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of police auctions; however did you know you can also get amazing deals on jewellery, electronics and bicycles? Police auctions can yield up treasures such as brand name men’s watches. Let us tell you how you can get your hands on a new boxed Rip Curl watch for just £31. Cameras, games consoles and even clothing can be sourced at very profitable prices via police auctions.

In addition to seized goods, police equipment can also become available and when it does, Wholesale Scout is there to keep you in the know. Decommissioned police cars sell at police auctions at well below market value and you know that police equipment - especially the cars – have been carefully maintained and will be in excellent shape.

One of the concerns with reselling is the source of the items. One must always be wary of stolen or misappropriated goods when buying from any wholesaler. The last thing you want is to have your stock raided because you unwittingly purchased something that was sourced illegally. It can be very difficult to tell if that great deal is because the seller does not realize the value or if the item is being fenced. With police auctions, you never have to worry about purchasing stolen goods by mistake. All items will have been cleared for auction and are certified for sale by the police themselves, allowing you to stock your shelves with peace of mind as well as inventory.

If you are one of the many wholesale traders buying and reselling goods that has yet to experience what police auctions have to offer, make today the day you let Wholesale Scout show you what you have been missing. It is possible to make a living from sourcing items from police auctions as long as you know where to find them. With the struggling UK economy many people are looking to make additional money or start their own businesses so stay ahead of the competition with access to Wholesale Scout’s police auctions.