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Wholesale Scout Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale Scout is such a treasure trove of bulk buying opportunities that sometimes it can feel quite daunting. We’ve written this handy guide to help you use the site to its full potential.

Service Questions
Can anyone purchase goods from your suppliers??

The majority of the suppliers in our database will accept orders from anyone. Some don’t even have minimum order requirements so that means you can buy as little as one unit at a time. Some companies, due to their exclusive distributor rights from the manufacturers, will require that you are a registered company and meet minimum order requirements. However, you should be able to source all the products you want without satisfying those criteria.

How quickly can I gain access??

As soon as you have completed the 2 minute registration process you will be provided with immediate access to the entire database.

What help can I get from your research assistants??

As a wholesale buyer, we know how hard it can be to source the products you need at the right prices. Even with access to our huge database of suppliers it can still be quite a daunting task to locate a specific product, especially when the item isn’t well known. As a member of WholesaleScout you will receive assistance from our dedicated team of researchers whose main job is to locate the exact products you need, at the lowest price. Why spend time hunting for that elusive product when we can do the job for you?

If you’d like us to source a product, please fill in the product request form found in your member’s area.

Are there any restrictions to access of your database??

If you are a member of Wholesale Scout you are provided with unrestricted access to our database?. This continues for the entire duration of your membership.

Can you tell me which products are profitable??

As a member of Wholesale Scout you will receive exclusive access to our regular case studies and profitable product alerts. We have research staff working intently on unearthing popular products. Some of these products are currently available and some are soon to be released. If we get news that a particular product is set to take the marketplace by storm, we make sure you are the first to know about it. This makes for some incredible profit making opportunities.

Delivery Policy – When is my subscription product delivered??

As soon as you have completed the 2 minute registration process you will be provided with immediate access to the entire database and research tools – your subscription product will be delivered instantly.

Subscription Questions
How much does your service cost??

We have a number of different membership options to suit your requirements. For visitors who would like to trial our service before committing to monthly membership we run a £1.99 for 7 days trial. After the 7 days have passed, if you haven’t cancelled your subscription, you will be installed on a monthly membership plan of £26.99 per month.

Alternatively you can commit immediately to a discounted monthly rate of £19.99. Our service is worth every penny so it makes sense to take advantage of this great discount.

If you are serious about making a profit from wholesale goods you can sign up for 6 months and receive a 50% discount. This means you will receive half a year’s worth of directory access, trading guides,product alerts and invaluable case studies.

Is there a minimum subscription term??

Wholesale Scout memberships are processed on a monthly rolling basis. You can cancel at any time and are not tied into a minimum subscription period. If you have signed up for the monthly or 6 month option, you will not get a refund for remaining days or months if you cancel before the subscription term is complete.

What is Wholesale Services on my bank statement??

Wholesale Services is our billing name – this is how we will appear on your bank statement. If you see “Wholesale Services £26.99″ on your bank statement it will be because you’ve subscribed to our Special Offer subscription package which costs £26.99 a month after the initial offer period.

How do I cancel??

You can cancel your account with us via our online form at any point in your membership. To cancel your membership, first please login to the site with the membership account you wish to cancel (if you are not logged in the link will not work) and then visit the ‘My Account’ area and follow the prompts: Cancellation Page. If you experience difficulties at any stage please contact us and we’ll get back to you within one working day.

Supplier Questions
How much does it cost to get listed in your directory??

To list your company website or details in our directory it costs £19.99 on the standard monthly subscription package. Considering our site attracts hundreds of members who place orders every day, this represents great value for money.

What details do you need??

To create a listing you will need:

  • Your business name
  • Website Address
  • Brief description of what you sell and the service you provide
  • The category your company falls under
  • Contact Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Telephone Number

Some of these fields are optional.

Who will be seeing my advert??

Wholesale Scout has hundreds of active members and we are still growing. Our members place orders with suppliers every day so if you provide goods at competitive prices, your sales figures are sure to increase.

Your advert will be accessible to every member of our site and can be reviewed/edited by yourself at anytime during the duration of your subscription.

How do I increase my exposure on your website??

As part of the excellent service package that we offer our members, Wholesale Scout conduct regular case studies designed to highlight the most popular and profitable products. If you believe that your company supplies goods at prices which are likely to create profit making opportunities in the retail sector we may feature you in one of our reports. The case studies are eagerly anticipated by our website community so if your company were to feature, interest in your services would experience a huge boost.

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