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Step In To Profit With Wholesale Footwear

Whether sports-focused or fashion-forward footwear is a proven seller amongst many of our wholesale buying members and is certainly a popular sector in retail. It’s thought that the footwear market in the UK is worth around £9.5bn showing that the figures align with the interests of our members. This market sector is also vast and varied with luxury designer shoes at one end and functional boots or sports trainers at the other. As a wholesale buyer and re-seller it’s your prerogative to find a niche that fits with your ethos and it’s our job to help you find the products that will enable you to profit from that niche. So with this in mind we set our research staff off on the task of finding some good wholesale footwear suppliers!

After some extensive calls and a few dead-end enquiries our research team eventually unearthed a supplier of branded fashion and footwear with a diverse range of options, proving ideal for our members. This supplier specialises in name brands meaning that when you’re buying from them you know you’re buying a quality product. This trade supplier also deals in fashion clothing and accessories so may well become an important supplier to some of our members that deal in a number of different shoe and apparel sectors. In this company’s inventory are items from Nike, Brakeburn, Diesel, Gio Goi, Quiksilver, Duck and Cover plus many more.

As we have a diverse range of wholesale buyers here at our research team have picked out a range of footwear stock from different niches to illustrate the deals on offer from this wholesaler. If you’re interested in shoes and trainers you should definitely take a look at the suppliers website for further deals and stock listings as there will certainly be something that will catch your eye. Among the featured items in this case study are women’s high heeled shoes from Abbey Dawn and casual men’s shoes from Brakeburn.

Here are the fantastic offers available this month;



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 5 x Units

Abbey Dawn Platformed High Heeled Shoes




Brakeburn Men’s Oakley Style Boot




Ladies Adidas Falcon Running Trainers




Children’s Fila Trainers




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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