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Running Trainers at Wholesale Prices

Trainers are a product that, if sourced from the right wholesaler, could see your profits soaring.
Trainers come in all shapes and sizes and there are a number of brands on the high street that sell well. But one of the most popular types of trainers, especially at this time of year, are running trainers.

With New Years fast approaching many consumers will be making their usual New Year’s resolutions. And top of the list is normally exercising more and losing weight. So it’s no wonder why trainers and exercise gear sells particularly well in January.

The health and fitness market is now worth a whopping £3.92 billion in the UK. And with so many products to spend out on, it’s not difficult to see why. Trainers, gym clothing, water bottles, sports bags, music players, gym memberships…the list is endless! But undoubtedly one of the most bought products are trainers. They are an essential part of anyone’s fitness program – whether it’s running outdoors or using the gym, trainers are always going to be needed.

One look at retailers will support just how lucrative this product market is. There are a huge variety of trainers on the shelves. Brands on sale include Nike, Karrimor and Adidas and most of these can be sourced at wholesale prices.
If you are looking for items to resale over the Christmas and New Year period then the team at Wholesale Scout have the information you are looking for. Firstly, one wholesaler within the wholesale directory is offering some great deals on Nike running shoes. As well as offering other Nike fitness equipment at attractive trade prices, this wholesaler is offering a pack of 17 pairs of Nike Air Jordan T Runners for £510. This means each unit can be bought for a total of £30 at wholesale price and our research suggests you could resale each unit for up to £55. That’s a whopping 45% mark up.

There are a number of other brands available at wholesale prices within the wholesale directory so start browsing now.


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