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Nike is one of the biggest sports brands in the world and so it receives lots of attention from consumers and retailers alike.

With a vast array of sporting goods and accessories available in a number of stores and their high profile celebrity endorsements, Nike is definitely a brand that sells well all year round. And the brand reportedly turns over $19bn (USD) a year – so for resellers there certainly seems to be some room for profit making if investing in this sector.

Nike have always been known for their trainers but the brand also have a number of other sports fashion items on the market including t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, tracksuit bottoms and accessories. In recent years the company has expanded their portfolio too and offer a variety of goods in a number of sports markets including football, running, basketball, skateboarding and men and women’s weight training.

For resellers looking to profit by buying sportswear, then buying Nike branded items could help boost profits. As soon as a consumer sees Nike branded sportswear they know they can trust the brand and, as its popular too, most consumers want to fit in with the crowd and wear the clothing. So if you’re advertising sportswear to resell, picking a brand like Nike should see your sales increase and your profits soar (if you can find the items at a low wholesale price with room to make a healthy profit margin).

The Wholesale Scout team have seen how profitable Nike branded sportswear can be if found at the right price from the right wholesale supplier. The team’s previous case study on wholesale Nike sportswear demonstrated just what profits can be made in this sector. One wholesaler was offering a pack of Nike hoodies for £117.25 and the pack had a resale value of £209.93. For resellers buying products in bulk and reselling separately this definitely presents some money making opportunities.

To find Nike wholesalers head over to the wholesale sportswear page and start browsing now.

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