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Find Football Kits at Wholesale Prices

As the World Cup continues (despite England’s earlier exit) more and more consumers will be investing in football shirts and kits throughout the summer. An event like the World Cup can boost both consumer participation and spending so for resellers looking to profit this summer, finding sporting products at trade prices could be a lucrative investment.

Sporting retailers online and on the high street will be inundated with customers this summer. Not only does the World Cup encourage consumers to spend more money on football based merchandise and products, but the summer also encourages people to get outside and exercise more. So for resellers this is a market worth concentrating on during the next few weeks. If found at the right wholesale price, football and sports stock could bring in a healthy return on investment.

A recent survey by Webloyalty revealed that half of the population were going to watch the World Cup in 2014, compared to two thirds of the population in 2010. The figures might have decreased slightly, but that’s still a large market to resell to!

The survey also revealed some interesting buying patterns. The survey revealed that 94% of people watching the World Cup would be doing so at home – so consumer spending on products like televisions, merchandise and home-bought drinks and snacks was expected to increase and consumer spending in the hospitality sector wasn’t predicted to increase much. Of the people surveyed, when asked the amount they would spend on football replica t-shirts, 37% said they would expect to pay between £20-29.99 for an England replica shirt. Now this does present some interesting profit making opportunities for resellers. Most high-street retailers will be selling this merchandise for upwards of £45. There are a number of wholesalers that can offer big discounts on this, especially when bought in bulk. For resellers that can find these products at a very low trade price, reselling them for between £20-30 should definitely see a boost in consumer interest. Many people will be heading to online sites like eBay and Amazon to find these products cheaper than the high street so if you have an online reselling business you should hopefully see an increase in sales if you stock sports items at low prices.

So what kind of products should you invest in during the World Cup? There are a variety of sports clothing on the market at this time of year including replica shirts, jumpers, shorts, footwear and accessories. The team at Wholesale Scout have been looking into this sector to see what products could be profitable and they have found a number of wholesale suppliers offering good deals on sportswear – like this Adidas sports kit and these Nike football boots.

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