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Buy Wholesale Halloween Items

Halloween is just around the corner which means most retailers will be stocking up on seasonal goods – and you should too!

Thousands of consumers search for Halloween items at this time of year so, if you stock the right products, there is potential to make some healthy profits during the next few weeks. The team at Wholesale Scout know this market well and have been looking at products that could make its members money.

If you’re looking to buy products in the Halloween sector then take a look at our list of potentially profitable items and start contacting wholesale suppliers today:


A lot of people host Halloween parties so finding decorations at wholesale prices to resell could be a lucrative move. Party decorations like balloons, banners and party poppers are always popular but there are a lot of themed decorations you can invest in too. One look at supermarkets will show you just how popular these items can be. Skull shaped glasses, spooky door signs and terrifying candle holders… they are all worth looking at at this time of year.


Whether consumers go out trick or treating or attend a Halloween party, costumes are going to be in demand during Halloween. A lot of specialist retailers charge a lot for their costumes too which is why many consumers head online to sites like eBay to try and purchase their goods. As well as popular costumes like vampires, werewolfs and witch outfits – it’s worth looking at trends and trying to cash in on them. A few years ago Twilight was everywhere so fancy dress retailers stocked up on Edward Cullen outfits – why not look at trends this year to see if there are any popular character costumes worth investing in?


The food industry always produces specific Halloween food items during October. Cakes, sweets and food gift items stock most food retailers’ shelves so if you contact wholesalers specialising in food and confectionary you could see your sales increase.

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wholesale Halloween items

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