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Fright Your Way into Some Halloween Profits

Halloween is big business in the UK, with consumers set to spend over £300 million on the event this year! And as it’s just around the corner this is an ideal time for resellers to start looking into wholesale buying opportunities.

Although Halloween is traditionally more popular in America, it seems during the past few years the season has become more and more popular with consumers in the UK. And one quick glance at high street retailers and stores will reinforce this. Supermarket chains all over the country invest in Halloween themed aisles – dedicating entire areas of their stores to selling Halloween fancy dress items and confectionary. And with consumers spending out big money on this occasion it’s not difficult to see why retailers invest in stock. Halloween is packed with profit making opportunities for both online and offline retailers.

A study by Planet Retail showed just how popular this holiday is in the UK. In 2001 the Halloween industry was worth £12 million and this has risen significantly – to over £300 million. Halloween is now the third largest retail season after Christmas and Easter and the popularity of horror-themed movies and television shows is apparently a contributing factor to this holidays rising popularity. Either way, it’s glaringly obvious that Halloween is a potential money making opportunity so if you’re a reseller this is a market worth exploring.

The team at Wholesale Scout have been researching the market to find out what kind of goods sell well and what goods can attract a healthy return on investment. There’s no doubt that costumes and fancy dress items are the most popular purchase at this time of year. Whether it’s finding an Edward Cullen outfit or Harry Potter wand, consumers all over the country seek out fancy dress items during Halloween. And, if found at the right wholesale prices, these items can bring in some healthy profits – with some costumes costing over £70 to purchase at RRP. Confectionary is stocked on most supermarket shelves at Halloween so investing in sweets, cakes or Halloween themed food products could certainly see your profits increasing too.

The team at Wholesale Scout have searched for wholesale suppliers that can offer deals on Halloween items and the team has found some great offers:



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 10 x Units

Blood Stained Chainsaw




Skeleton Skin Suit for Halloween




Grim Reaper Costume




Kids Harry Potter Costume




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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