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Unfreeze Your Profits with Wholesale Winter Clothing

Winter is well and truly here and as the colder weather hits the UK, thousands of consumers spend out on warm winter clothing and footwear. One glance at retailers during the next few weeks will show you just how popular the winter clothing market is. High street clothing retailers, supermarkets and online retailers are all gearing up for the winter rush by stocking both high-end and high street stock.

Every year there’s a fashion trend that seems to hit the market and consumers spend big money on these fashion items. A few years ago UGG style boots were all the trend, last year biker boots took the spotlight and this year leather jackets appear to be flying off the shelves.

And the value of items like this is no secret – the fashion industry is worth £26bn in the UK so it’s big business! The team at Wholesale Scout know how valuable this industry is and so are always on the lookout for wholesale suppliers that can offer great deals on clothing items. If bought at the right wholesale price, you can make some serious profits on reselling. So what clothing items are popular at this time of year? On trend items, whether it’s a designer version or high street version, are always very popular. This year leather jackets seem to be on most shopping wish-lists and a quick look at well known high street stores like Topshop will demonstrate just how much retailers are investing in this product. Leather jackets can be found on the high street for upwards of £50 so if found at low trade prices, leather jackets can offer a healthy return on investment.

Jumpers, scarves, hats, socks, gloves, coats and winter boots are also very popular at this time of year. The team at Wholesale Scout have found some wholesale suppliers offering some impressive deals on winter clothing:



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 10 x Units

Ex-Topshop Furry Knitted Cardigan




Ex-New Look Mens Quilted Jacket




Girls Minnie Mouse Winter Puffa Jacket




Ex-New Look Ladies Dark Skinny Jeans




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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