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As the winter season approaches sales of coats are set to soar so prepare your wholesale business early by stocking up on products.

Coats are sold all year round but in the UK sales increase hugely during the colder months. With the weather in the UK being so unpredictable, most consumers across the country will invest in a winter coat more than once a year.

High street stores stock a variety of shapes and sizes and if you are looking to buy wholesale coats, you should too. Stocking a range of styles will mean that your inventory is more attractive to a larger audience and should help you to maintain healthy sales. The UK clothing industry is worth over £26bn a year so there’s more than enough room for you to make some profits.

The team at Wholesale Scout have been searching for the best wholesale suppliers offering the best wholesale prices on coats and winter clothing and have found a number of wholesalers.
One wholesaler the team found specialises in designer brands and has some attractive deals available for resellers.

This Armani coat is available at a wholesale price of £145 per unit and with a likely resale price of £245 you could make potential profits of £500 for every five units sold. The team also found this wholesaler selling Stone Island jackets at almost half the RRP.

To find these deals and others like it, start browsing the wholesale directory and get contacting wholesale suppliers today!

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