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Where to Buy Bags at Wholesale Prices

wholesale handbags

Bags are bought by both men and women and they can be a lucrative purchase – especially when they are found at low wholesale prices.

Bags are needed for a variety of occasions. Whether it’s fashion, travel or every day convenience – bags are bought all year round on the British high street.

High street stores stock bags throughout the year and they change the style and colour accordingly to match seasonal changes. In the summer holdalls and small suitcases are popular as consumers look to travel abroad. In the winter handbags dominate stores and, in specialist stores, sports bags and exercise bags are stocked regularly.

If you are buying wholesale stock at the moment and are looking to spend on bags then finding the right wholesale supplier that can offer the best wholesale prices is vital. If you can secure stock at low wholesale prices then you are more likely to make more money when reselling. So what products can be found at reasonable prices?

One wholesaler within our wholesale directory is offering bags at attractive prices. This Armani handbag is being sold at £63 per unit with a resale price of £109. If you achieve this resale price you could make profits of up to £230 per five units sold. There are also a number of other designer handbags within the wholesale directory. This European wholesale supplier is offering a Versace designer leather handbag for 120 Euros per unit. The RRP of this product is £210 so you could earn £68 profit per unit.

Designer bags will sell well online but there are also plenty of other bags that can be sold online, at market stalls or at car boot sales. Sports bags are essential for exercise, travel bags are needed all year round and fashion bags from the high street are always popular because of their price tag.

You can find all of these on the site so if you want to contact wholesale suppliers register now.

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