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The New Year is here and many people, as part of their New Year’s resolutions, will be overhauling their diet and trying out new healthy recipes.

Diet clubs, gyms and healthy eating programmes are overwhelmed with entries at this time of year as many people try to shift the festive bulge. Health food is one of the most sought after products during New Year and can be a really healthy investment for your wholesale buying business.

Although many high street retailers and supermarkets now stock health foods, many consumers like to buy local produce and many consumers also look for a bargain on these products as they can be expensive. Stocking health food products at this time of year could prove potentially very profitable for your reselling business especially if you can sell them on at a competitive price. And whether you are selling online or at a market stall, there are a variety of products you can invest in.

So what food is popular at this time of year? Fruit and vegetables are bought regularly in the New Year. Fresh items like carrots, broccoli, cucumber and tomatoes are quite often sought after by consumers looking to invest in a healthier diet. Pulses and grains, dips, salad and fresh fruit are also stocked up on.

As well as food, many health food related products do well at this time of year too. Cookbooks are very popular – one glance at high street book stores will show you just how popular they are! And kitchen utensils that can help with healthier recipes, like food blenders and juicers, have been rapidly increasing in popularity.

Although these products remain relatively popular throughout the year, it’s the New Year rush that will see your profits boost. If you can find the right wholesaler and secure some of this stock at well below the RRP then you should be able to make some healthy profit margins this New Year.

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