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Find Gym Products at Trade Prices

New Year is finally here which means many consumers will be investing in health and fitness products as part of their New Year’s resolutions. The health and fitness market is worth over £3.86 billion in the UK and most sales happen at the start of the year. Gyms are typically busier at this time of year and more ‘healthy’ food is consumed as consumers attempt to get rid of the Christmas bloat. So if you are a wholesale buyer looking to invest in some products this January here are some profitable ideas…


Trainers are an essential item for any gym-goer and for anyone exercising outdoors. Trainers can be found on both the high street and online but many consumers will be hunting for a good price this January. Although many consumers will spend out on exercise equipment during the New Year, most will be looking for deals. One wholesaler is offering Nike trainers at 45% off the RRP. To find these and others start looking for wholesale trainers now.


Tracksuits, training tops, sweatbands, jogging bottoms, shorts, socks… the list of available exercise clothing items is endless! Clothing can be stocked all year round as even though many people buy more fitness clothing at this time of year, it is a product that can be replenished.


MP3 players are vital for most people exercising. iPods are still the most popular product and we have found some wholesalers offering some really good rates on a range of Apple products. There are also a number of other MP3 and music equipment brands that could see you making a healthy return on investment.

Home Gym Equipment

Our previous report on home gym equipment revealed just how lucrative this market can be. Apparently £37 million is wasted a year on gym memberships – which indicates more people are investing in home gym equipment. Weights, multi gyms, exercise balls… there are a vast amount of gym products that can be purchased and used at home so to get your slice of this market start looking for wholesale suppliers today.

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