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Find Fitness Equipment at Wholesale Prices

Fitness equipment is sold all over the high street and online and for resellers the industry presents plenty of profit making opportunities.

A report last year revealed that on average people in the UK spend nearly £1,000 a year on getting fit. The statistics included gym memberships, fitness clothing and gym equipment and accessories. And one of the biggest purchases in recent years has been home fitness equipment. With the average cost of a gym membership working out around £40 a month, most consumers prefer to spend out on a one-time investment and keep the equipment for a lifetime of working out. And even the fitness fans that attend a gym regularly will invest in fitness equipment to keep at some point in their life. Whether its barbells or fitness balls – there are plenty of options for consumers to buy.

For resellers looking to profit from this industry, here are some ideas of equipment which could be worth investing in. If found at the right wholesale price, the potential for profit on resale could be quite high.

Fitness Ball

Fitness balls are one of the most popular gym items both at home and in the gym. You can use them for a variety of exercises – stomach crunches, leg raises, core stability and muscle toning are just a few of the exercises you can do on a fitness ball.


Weights are one of the most popular home gym equipment pieces to buy. If you look at both high street sports retailers and online sports retailers you will see that many stock a variety of weights and multi-gyms. A few ideas of stock you could look out for include barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells.

Yoga Mat

Over 30 million people practice yoga world-wide and it’s big business in the UK. Fitness classes in gyms and fitness DVDs often focus around this ancient activity. Designed to help flexibility and core stability many people in the UK use yoga as a relaxation exercise. So for resellers this presents plenty of profit making opportunities as everyone who practices yoga needs a mat. Different makes and models retail for different prices but if you can find a wholesaler selling these at wholesale prices and selling them in a bulk – your opportunity to make a large return on investment will definitely increase.

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