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Gardening is big business at this time of year. Thousands of consumers head outside to mow their lawns and tidy up their gardens in time for BBQ season. And for wholesale buyers, this presents some profit making opportunities.

The team at Wholesale Scout have previously covered wholesale gardening equipment and how sourcing items like spades, forks and water butts can bring in a healthy return on investment – if found at the right wholesale price!

But one area that can be even more lucrative is the garden accessories market. One glance in retailers like The Range and B&Q will demonstrate just how big this market is. There are aisles dedicated to accessories and to making the garden or patio area look more appealing. So what kind of products can you find in these aisles?

One of the most popular items at the moment is topiary trees. They can be found in most garden retail outlets and online stores and are very popular with consumers because they look different. You can buy topiary trees in a number of shapes and sizes and all look neat and stylish. You can also purchase artificial topiary trees which are very popular with consumers as they take very little (if any) maintenance. These trees can vary in price but most sell at £25 or more – some even have a price tag of over £100. As a wholesale buyer, if you can find these items from a wholesaler specialising in garden items and buy in bulk for a low trade price, there are definitely some profit making opportunities on resell.

Solar lights are another firm favourite in the garden at this time of year. There are so many on the market – from solar rocks and small light panels to built-in tree lights and themed or shaped lights. One trip to a garden retailer will demonstrate just how many designs there are to choose from – heart shapes and butterfly shapes seem to be dominating the solar light market at the moment.

Plants and seeds are a garden essential that will resell well all year round. These are also worth investing in because they take minimal storage space – so you don’t need to spend out on storage costs to keep this inventory stocked up.

Other garden accessories that could be worth finding at wholesale prices include ornaments, trees, garden furniture, candles and candle holders and signs.

The Wholesale Scout team have searched around for a number of wholesalers in this area and have a number of trustworthy suppliers within the directory that are worth contacting if you’re looking to stock up! Visit the wholesale suppliers section to find out more.
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