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Winter Driving Essentials at Wholesale Prices

As the cold weather well and truly hits the UK, motorists all over the country will be stocking up on winter essentials.

There are a variety of products to purchase for motorists at this time of year – designed to help drivers who break down in the cold weather or get stuck in frosty commuter traffic. Some companies sell specialist car break-down kits – including the essentials drivers might need to call upon in case of an emergency.

But as these kits can be quite pricey, many consumers look to purchase goods separately – often heading online to sites like eBay to find items. The team at Wholesale Scout have been searching for wholesale suppliers that offer stock items at well below the RRP and offer resellers a great profit making opportunity. Below are some items that could resell well this winter and, if found at the right trade prices, could definitely boost your profit margins:

Road Salt

This is one of the most popular travel purchases during the colder months. As thousands of commuters drive to work and travel home for the holidays the need for road salt increases. And it’s big business. A few years ago the UK imported 120,000 tonnes of salt from Australia and spent almost £16 million to stock salt and prepare for the winter weather. So it’s clearly a product that is in demand. During the past few years the UK has seen terrible weather conditions including large snowfall and this year is set to see the same conditions. Road salt is therefore going to be a popular purchase and is worth stocking up on for resellers. You can resell on eBay and if bought in bulk the profit making opportunities per unit can be quite high.


Screen wash and de-icer is a must for anyone using a car at this time of year. And many wholesalers offer products like this in large volumes. If you can find this in large quantities you should be able to secure stock at much lower than the RRP.


They aren’t just a part of emergency break down kits – torches are used at this time of year for any outdoor walking. As the nights become darker many people use torches and extra lighting in the winter and these are very appropriate for drivers. If a commuter becomes stuck in evening traffic or bad weather during the night then a torch is going to be a necessity. Reselling items like this online or on a market stool could definitely see profits increase.


Warm winter clothing is an essential when it hits this time of year and most motorists rely on it and store warm clothing and blankets in their vehicle. Contacting a wholesaler that specialises in clothing and accessories and buying them at trade price should give you an opportunity to make some money this winter.

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