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The winter is well and truly here and more and more consumers will be searching for warm clothing in the coming months. One of the most popular clothing items at this time of year is a coat – so if you’re a reseller looking to monopolise on Christmas sales, then seeking out coats at wholesale prices could definitely help.

The fashion industry in the UK is estimated to be worth almost £30bn. And whether it’s high street trends or designer items, consumers appear to invest in fashion all year round. But one particular area that sees an increase in sales during the colder months is coats. Consumers all over the country head to high street stores or search online stores or sites like eBay to find fashionable winter coats. And the fashion changes every year.

Last year saw the biker jacket and body warmers become popular on the high street and this year it looks like the parker coat might be making a return. Whatever style you go for, as a reseller stocking up on coats this winter could definitely prove profitable. If found at the right wholesale price coats can make a healthy return on investment – especially if you buy them in bulk.

Most wholesale suppliers will offer their best deals if you buy stock in bulk and there are plenty out there that specialise in clothing. A recent wholesale case study by the team demonstrates just how much money can be made when reselling coats. One wholesale supplier was offering a men’s coat for £10.50 per unit – with a likely resale price of £30 per unit. The team have also found another wholesaler offering designer coats at a fraction of their RRP. One wholesaler was offering an Armani coat at £145 per unit – that’s a £100 less than it’s likely resale price!

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