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Wholesale Winter Buying Tips

Now winter is here, retailers all over the country are stocking up on winter essentials and popular products and if you are a reseller, you should be too!

Stocking the right items and securing them at the right price are two of the fundamental things you need to do in order to drive your profits. So the team at Wholesale Scout have researched winter buying trends and have listed below some tips that should help you to achieve a healthy return on investment during the colder months.

Choose Seasonal Products

If you want to increase both your sales and profits this winter then it’s crucial you choose seasonal products that are popular with consumers and therefore will resell well. One glance at retailers both online and on the high street will show you what kind of seasonal products are on the market. Winter clothing, accessories, footwear and homeware items are just a few examples of the types of products consumers buy at this time of year. As the UK traditionally gets a lot colder and wetter during the winter months, there is a big necessity for winter clothing and footwear. Boots, coats, jumpers, scarves, hats and umbrellas are all sold in high volumes from November to January so if you can find these items at well below their RRP, then the opportunity to make profit is big!

On Trend Items

As Christmas is fast approaching many consumers will be looking for gift ideas. As a reseller, one of the easiest ways you can up your profits is by looking out for gift items that are on trend or popular. Take last Christmas as an example. Disney released their winter movie Frozen and it is now the highest grossing animated film in box-office history. As part of the film release, Disney stores up and down the country stocked the ‘Elsa dress’ – a dress designed to make anyone who wears it look like one of the main characters of the movie. Not surprisingly, parents began frantically buying the dress after its release and within a few weeks stock had sold out. Some clever resellers stocked up on the product and took to eBay to list it. The dress, which originally retailed at £95, was listed for a lot more on eBay. In fact, eBay resellers that bought the dress in bulk from Disney stores, ended up listing the dresses for around £630 per unit. That’s a pretty hefty mark up!

Buy in Bulk

One of the easiest ways to secure large discounts on items is to buy in bulk. Many wholesalers offer their best deals if you buy in bulk – either multiple purchases of the same product or wholesale pallets. If you know a product is popular or can be sold all year round then having a large inventory of stock isn’t such a bad thing. If you have somewhere to store it and are confident of the resale value then it’s worth buying in bulk as sometimes you can secure stock for up to 80% off the RRP.

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