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How to Prepare Your Wholesale Business for Autumn

Summer is coming to a close and in a few weeks retailers all over the country will be stocking their autumn lines. In fact, many retailers have already started stocking autumn and winter items – one glance in high street shops will show you that most summer stock has been shelved to make way for more seasonal goods.

If you are a reseller trying to make some profit on resale then it’s essential you keep up with seasonal changes. Stocking seasonal products will mean that you’re more likely to come up in searches (as more people will be searching for autumn stock at this time of year) and it will also guarantee more visits to your ads or website.

So when it comes to autumn stock, what kind of products will resell well? And what products can make large profit margins? The Wholesale Scout team have researched seasonal stock and found some suppliers offering great discounts:


There are a number of clothing items you can stock at this time of year which should see both your sales and profits increasing. Coats and jackets are all over the high street during the autumn season and many consumers search online for the latest style and branded items. Quite often designer items are expensive on the high street which is why many consumers search online and visit sites like eBay and Amazon to find resellers offering goods at a fraction of the RRP. If you’re a reseller trying to resell clothing items, you should definitely use sites like this or your own eCommerce site to shift stock.

The designer clothing market is growing by 20% a year and is now worth over £2 billion in the UK. The Wholesale Scout team have previously found a wholesale supplier offering an Armani coat for £145 – which is £100 less than the RRP. There are a number of other designer brands available at wholesale prices and there are a number of other clothing items worth investing in too. Leather jackets, sweaters, jumpers, woolly hats, scarves and gloves are all examples of clothing items that will be popular during the autumn season.


Throughout the summer month’s consumers search for summer footwear – from Havaianas to Toms, designer summer footwear is big business. As soon as the seasons shift consumers start searching for biker boots and Uggs and this is clearly evident when you look at the high street and the products retailers are stocking. For resellers looking to increase profits during the colder months, stocking up on footwear is essential as some can bring in high profit margins. Wholesale biker boots and Uggs are by far the most popular footwear purchase at this time of year but it’s also worth looking out for wholesalers of wellington boots, ankle boots and pumps.

Seasonal Stock

As the seasons change, so does the weather. And for this reason it’s crucial to find seasonal stock that consumers will be searching for. Finding wholesalers of seasonal products like rain-macs and umbrellas could certainly pay off. Many wholesalers offer products in bulk at a much lower trade price or you could consider buying a wholesale pallet. Wholesale pallets are usually full of clearance or end of line stock and although you can’t normally assess the goods before purchase, they are always sold off at well below the RRP. You should also consider stocking end of season holiday products. You should be able to find holiday items like sun cream and sunhats for well below their RRP now as the products are considered out of season but demand for these products is still high as consumers are still heading on holiday.

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