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How to Prepare Your Wholesale Business for Summer

Summer is fast approaching and if you want to maximise your profit making opportunities you need to start planning ahead. Here are some tips on how to get your wholesale business ready for summer to ensure you profit on resale.

Look for Stock Now

To maximise on profits you need to be prepared when it comes to product selection. You can’t always predict what products are going to be popular and you definitely need to keep some of your budget back for purchasing items on trend and new releases. However, you can predict certain types of products that are going to be popular during the summer time. Holiday items, clothing and BBQ products are just a few examples of items that are bought in high volumes over the summer months. Stocking up on these items for resale should see you making some steady sales throughout the summer.

Contact Wholesalers

The best way to make a large profit this summer is by contacting the right wholesale suppliers. If you can source your product at well below the RRP (you may have to buy in bulk) then you will find it a lot easier to make a high profit margin. The team at Wholesale Scout have found a number of wholesalers specialising in a variety of products so if you want to start contacting wholesalers now head over to our wholesale suppliers page.

Line Up Dropshippers

You may not have storage space or you may simply not have enough capital to invest in stock so why not consider finding dropshippers that can supply summer products? If you find these now you can start creating ads and building interest in plenty of time for summer.


Whether you have your own e-commerce site, re-sell through channels like eBay and Amazon or you have a market stall – you need to make your customers aware that you are ready for business. Start advertising your business to gain interest.

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