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How to Find Products to Resell

So, you are considering buying products at wholesale prices to resell but you’re not sure where to start. Check below for some ways you can find products at trade prices and start stocking up today:


Contacting wholesalers is one of the best ways to find products at wholesale prices. Wholesalers buy goods in very large quantities and because of this they are able to sell them on for relatively low prices. There are so many wholesalers out there, all selling a variety of stock. Usually if you buy a wholesale pallet or order large quantities of stock you can get the best deals – a few wholesalers will let you buy items as a one off but that can be rare. We have a list of wholesalers within the wholesale directory.

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales can be a great place to find products at cheap prices. Car boot sales happen all over the country and are usually occupied by people trying to sell old and unwanted products. There are usually a variety of products on sale including clothing, games, household goods, jewellery and electronics. Although some people may treat these items as junk, they can be very profitable on resale. We’ve seen one reseller buy a game for £4 and resell it for £25 a few minutes later at a car boot sale.

Market Stalls

Small towns and villages will have markets throughout the year, mostly on weekends, and they are a great place to find products at low prices as haggling on market stalls is expected! Products can vary on the day you attend but you can usually find food, clothing, jewellery, sweets and footwear at most markets. Search your local area to find out when the next local market is happening.

Police Auctions

Police auctions happen throughout the year. Local constabularies will auction off stolen or unclaimed goods found during an investigation so there can be a variety of products to choose from. They are all usually a lot less than the RRP so they are worth checking if you are looking to replenish your stock.

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