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Seasonal Products worth Sourcing at Wholesale Prices

Reselling products can be made so much easier if you target seasonal goods. By targeting products by a season, you are more likely to make consistent sales throughout the year and eventually this can lead to higher profit margins. Take a look below for our list of seasonal goods which we think could see you making some healthy profits throughout the year – there are also wholesale supplier details below:


There are a variety of products to look out for during the winter months. Wellington boots are a must for consumers during the winter months as the UK is traditionally very wet during this time of year. Stocking up on wellington boots and other winter footwear could mean quick sales for you during the colder season. Road salt is used by councils across the country and is also a very popular purchase for people living in the countryside. If found at the right wholesale price (usually you have to buy in bulk to secure the lowest prices) you should be able to secure a high profit margin. Other items that could resell well during winter are umbrellas, coats, jumpers and Christmas products.


As the warmer weather approaches many keen gardeners will be outside preparing their lawn and so, inevitably, garden centres and retailers will see a sudden surge in purchases of gardening products. Tools, plants, pots and garden accessories sell in large volumes during spring time so they can be a worthy investment if you are a reseller looking to make a profit.


As thousands of consumers head on holiday during the summer months now is the perfect time to source holiday goods. Swimwear, flip flops, sunglasses, hats and travel essentials are all items that will be easy to resell during summer.


As autumn sets in, you should prepare your wholesale business for stock that will be in demand during the colder months. As well as winter clothing and footwear, seasonal goods like Halloween accessories could be a lucrative investment.

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