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How to Improve Productivity for your Wholesale Business

Whether you are running a small or large wholesale buying business, you’ll probably find your motivation levels dropping every once in a while. Running a business of any kind is tough and keeping your motivation levels high can sometimes be challenging – especially if you are working alone. If you are struggling to maintain motivation then follow these steps to help you improve productivity and to boost your sales.

Write a To Do List

One of the easiest ways to boost productivity levels is to write a to-do-list. Having a to-do-list to refer to every day will help you to keep focused at work and will help you to highlight your most important tasks. At the start of your working week create a to-do-list for each day. Segregate this to include critical tasks and not so important tasks. Throughout the day you can then keep a check on your list and tick the items off once you have completed them. Ticking items off of the list will give you a great sense of achievement and will automatically boost your motivation levels. You should find a to-do-list keeps you more organised.

Take Regular Breaks

If you are sat at your desk all day, sourcing wholesale suppliers and trying to find some deals on products to resale then your concentration levels won’t last long. Ensure you take regular breaks away from your desk to regain focus. Whether it’s a ten minute tea break or grabbing some fresh air, ensure you take plenty of breaks throughout your working day.

Speak to Contacts

Spending all day online finding products is an essential part of running a reselling business. But if every day is the same you may find that your motivation levels dip as well as your productivity. To ensure this does not happen, try to have variety to your day and one way of doing this is by speaking to industry contacts. If you don’t speak to wholesalers regularly or have dialogue with customers you may find yourself feeling bored. Ensure you try to mix up your days and speak to people as this should improve your productivity.

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