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Find Winter Coats from Wholesalers

The weather has started to drop in the UK as winter approaches fast. And one item that consumers will be spending out on is a winter coat.

Winter coats are stocked in almost every high street retailer from now until early spring. There have already been extreme weather conditions across the country with high winds, storms and heavy rainfall. And now Durham and other areas in the north have experienced over two inches of snow fall. So with the weather well and truly cooling down, winter coats are going to be a popular high street and online fashion purchase. The UK fashion industry is worth over £6 billion so there are plenty of opportunities to resale items.

If you are reselling stock this winter then finding wholesale suppliers that can offer coats at low wholesale prices will be beneficial to your profit margins. There are a number of wholesalers within our wholesale directory offering some competitive prices on a variety of coats.

With such a variety to choose from, it can be tough to decide on stock. But popular styles we have seen wholesalers offering include trench coats, body warmers and gillets. Designer brands also sell well. The designer clothing industry is growing, with sales growing by 20% a year. The designer clothing market is now worth over £2 billion in the UK and so sourcing designer clothes could potentially be very profitable. Items being offered by wholesale suppliers within our directory include Fat Face and Armani. One wholesaler is offering an Armani coat at £145 wholesale price and the item has a resale price of £245.

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