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Find Luggage at Wholesale Prices

With thousands of consumers travelling both abroad and in the UK during the next few months, there’s one product in particular that could be worth investing in…

The team at Wholesale Scout are always looking out for products for its members to resell and for products that could be worth investing in. As more and more consumers get set to travel on holiday in the coming months it’s becoming more apparent that the bag and luggage industry is one that will see an increase in sales. Whether it’s travelling within the UK or travelling abroad, consumers invest in luggage at this time of year to carry their essential travelling items. And when looking into this market value, the team at Wholesale Scout automatically saw the potential it could offer to its members.

The luggage industry in the UK is now valued at over £1 billion and it’s thought there are a number of contributing factors to this industry’s growth. Celebrity trends and endorsements and designer labels are all thought to be some of the reasons that this industry remains fairly steady with year-on-year sales.

Designer bag labels like Alexander Mcqueen, Radley and Louis Vuitton are all popular with celebrities and show up in a variety of fashion magazines throughout the year, which is the main reason luggage like this is so popular.

For resellers looking to make large profit margins on bags and luggage it may well be worth investing in designer goods – if found at the right wholesale price these can potentially resell online for a lot of money. The team at Wholesale Scout have found a number of luggage wholesale suppliers that might be able to assist in supplying designer labels at wholesale prices. Sourcing stock like this and buying in bulk might further push down the prices.

Another route that some wholesale buyers go down is attending auctions that specialise in unclaimed luggage. Unclaimed luggage can offer a variety of goods, from hair straighteners to clothes, and most are offered at well below the RRP.

Whatever your luggage needs, you’ll be able to find something at trade price by registering with the wholesale directory.

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