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Holiday season is still in full-force! Thousands of consumers all over the country have been packing their bags during the last couple of months and have been heading away – whether it’s for a trip abroad or a ‘staycation’ in the UK – holidays are certainly popular all year round.

Many people take holiday time at different times of the year but one of the most popular times for travel is during term-time. Many consumers avoid booking travel during the summer months as prices can hike up. Booking outside of term-time usually sees tour operators offering discounts on package holidays – so the next few months are sure to be busy as the school holidays have just ended.

The Wholesale Scout team are constantly trying to find profitable products for their members and the team keep a look out for both products and wholesalers that could help members increase their profits. And this is certainly an area that could see some profit making opportunities.

A study at the beginning of this year revealed that two thirds of Brits were planning to take a holiday this year, with the average Brit spending about £2,000. This figure includes holiday packages, holiday essentials and spending money. Although last year saw many consumers budget for holidays, this year seems a different story as only 16.9% of the people surveyed said they would be taking a ‘staycation’. The majority of travelers admitted they would be travelling abroad either on a beach break or city break.

The Wholesale Scout team is well aware of how profitable this industry can be so set about trying to find wholesalers of holiday essentials that could offer some great deals on holiday goods. But the team wanted to narrow their search to include some of the most popular items and one product area that is both popular and essential (and therefore bought regularly) is luggage. Consumers need luggage to travel and although it’s seen as an essential item, many consumers aren’t afraid to spend out on designer luggage. Burberry and Globe-Trotter are just a few examples of the designer brands that are sought after by consumers looking to spend more money on their luggage.

But for those looking to budget buy there are plenty of options out there – whether its luggage sets or a stand-alone suitcase – there’s a variety to choose. This area offers plenty of choice too as luggage can come in a variety of styles and materials.

The team at Wholesale Scout have searched for wholesale suppliers in this arena that can offer the best deals and have found some products at bargain prices:



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 5 x Units

Polka Dot Hardcase Cabin Hand Luggage




3 Piece Trolley Style Luggage Set




Minnie Mouse Ride-On Kids Suitcase




Up to 19″ Laptop Backpack Hand Luggage




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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