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Buy Cycling Accessories at Wholesale Prices

The cycling industry has gone from strength to strength in the UK in recent years.

More people are participating in road cycling than ever before – with more and more over 50’s joining the market – and mountain biking continues to be a popular hobby for many extreme-sport enthusiasts across the country.

The Wholesale Scout team are always on the lookout for trends or products that could make their members a profit and this is certainly a sector that could do that. A report issued last year revealed that the UK cycling industry is worth a whopping £2.9 billion – with the average cyclist spending around £230 a year on equipment and accessories. The market has been expanding year on year too and last year saw the market increase by 28% compared to the previous year. And with statistics revealing that 40% of UK households own a bike, it’s not difficult to see why this is such a big industry.

When researching this industry and its wholesale suppliers further, the Wholesale Scout research team found that the cycling accessories market is booming and potentially boasts lots of wholesale buying opportunities. The accessories market is valued at around £850 million so there’s plenty of room for even the smallest of resellers to purchase goods in this arena and make a healthy profit from it.

The team have found a number of wholesale suppliers of bicycles and accessories that could offer some great deals on accessories and equipment. So what products are worth looking out for? Whether a cyclist uses the sport for fitness occasionally or as a hobby regularly there are plenty of accessories within this market potentially worth sourcing at wholesale prices. Helmets, lights, bike pumps, clothing, gloves, water bottles, locks, panniers and racks and GPS trackers are just a few examples of the accessories you can purchase within this industry. If found at low trade prices (or bought in bulk) these items could provide a quick return on investment. Unlike other sports, cycling is popular all year round and is not only seasonal, so many cyclists will be looking to purchase accessories all year round.

The number of branded bikes being sold to regular cyclists has also increased in recent years as more and more consumers have begun to take this sport more seriously. All over the UK road cyclists can be found cycling alone attempting to beat a personal best or cycling in groups as part of a cycling club – and this means there are lots of opportunities to buy and resell branded accessories and kit. Brands like Boardman, Specialised and Canyon are popular and for people riding bikes like this, spending a bit more on purchasing kit is quite common. Many cyclists will search online for the best deals so for resellers looking to maximise their reach, reselling online on sites like eBay and Amazon could certainly help with boosting sales. More experienced cyclists will often be looking for accessories to upgrade their bike including saddles, pedals and handlebars. These can all be found at trade price too by searching for the relevant wholesale suppliers.

The team at Wholesale Scout have already found a number of wholesalers specialising in this market so to gain access to these suppliers and to start finding stock register with the wholesale directory now.
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