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Find Baby Clothing and Products at Wholesale Prices

New parents spend thousands of pounds every year on baby clothing and products and as it can be such a valuable market, resellers should certainly consider stocking baby products throughout the year to give their profits a boost.

A study by insurance firm Aviva in 2012 revealed that the average family spend £1,370 a year preparing for their first baby – making this industry worth over £400 million a year to the UK. The survey found that the biggest spend was on essential baby products like pushchairs, baby clothes, bedding, car seats and nappies. Other products like popular toys and fashion items were also sought after by consumers but on average received less investment from parents buying products.

For resellers trying to make a return on investment it’s important to invest in stock that will be needed all year round and isn’t simply a ‘trend’. Although clothing and product trends can also bring in some healthy sales, focusing on inventory that is essential for new parents all year round will almost certainly guarantee steady sales.

The Wholesale Scout team have been looking for products that could resell throughout the year and found one wholesaler offering this baby monitor at well below its RRP. Baby monitors are seen as an essential purchase by new parents and so trying to resell this item for a competitive price could certainly attract some new customers. Buying baby clothes and reselling them should also present some profit making opportunities. Not only are clothing items like bibs and baby grows essential but there are also a lot of ‘on trend’ brands and outfits released regularly in the market. If you can find branded baby clothing at below the RRP then reselling on sites like eBay should see your sales increase.

If you’re a reseller that doesn’t mind taking a risk when it comes to product selection then investing in wholesale pallets could be a valuable move. Many wholesale suppliers offer pallets of goods in different markets. Each pallet is usually stocked with products from a specific market and can include end of season, clearance or returned stock. Although you can’t always check stock before you purchase a pallet you’ll usually find the pallet of goods being sold off for a very competitive price. Buying in bulk like this will usually mean your stock is being sold at well below the RRP – leaving you lots of opportunity to make a high profit margin. The Wholesale Scout team have previously found this wholesale pallet of liquidated nursery goods being sold off by one wholesaler. The RRP of the pallet was £2350 but the supplier was offering the pallet for only £587, presenting a large profit making opportunity.

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