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As summer sizzles in the UK the Wholesale Scout team have been looking at a host of products that should resell well during the next few months and they have been finding wholesale supplier information…

Holiday Essentials

It’s holiday time in the UK and whether that means travelling abroad or taking a ‘staycation’ and holidaying in the UK, many people all over the country will be getting set to pack their suitcases to enjoy a much needed rest. And for resellers looking to profit this summer, this brings plenty of wholesale buying opportunities with it. Whether it’s a holiday abroad or at home, there are certain holiday essentials that consumers will be searching for. Amongst the essential items are luggage, sun cream, flip flops, hats, sunglasses and clothing.

The team at Wholesale Scout have been searching for wholesale suppliers that can provide items like this and they have found a number of wholesalers offering some very attractive deals. Havaianas are the must have flip flop at the moment. Lots of celebrities sport this style of flip flop and they have become increasingly popular since the World Cup hit Brazil this summer. These designer flip flops are sold for upwards of £20 on the high street but the team has found them for 50% off their RRP – so sourcing Havaianas at wholesale prices could definitely boost profits. It’s not just the designer footwear that could bring in a nice profit on resale. Designer sunglasses are popular at this time of year and can make a great return on investment if sourced at the right price. Last year the team found a number of designer sunglasses at trade prices – including the Versace Medusa sunglasses for £69.99 – £130 less than their recommended retail price.

As well as designer footwear and sunglasses, there are plenty of other items to look at in the holiday market. Holiday essentials including swimwear and clothing could be worth investing in – many consumers head online to find these at cheaper prices than the high street so if you are advertising on sites like eBay this is definitely a market worth investing in.

Camping and Outdoors

Millions of holidaymakers in the UK enjoy camping and caravanning in the summer. In fact, it’s one of the most popular holidays. A survey in 2011 revealed that 17 million people took a camping or caravan trip in the UK – which is more than the amount of people that travelled abroad. There are plenty of wholesale suppliers in this area that can offer specific products at trade prices. BBQs, tents, sleeping bags, torches, cooking accessories and outdoor clothing are all worth purchasing at wholesale prices during the summer as there will be lots of opportunity to resale.

Party Supplies

Lots of consumers host summertime parties so buying party items and accessories could definitely help your profit margins. One glance at supermarkets will demonstrate just how big this market is – there are so many party products in store at the moment. Confetti, banners, party plates, party cups and decorations are all in most big supermarkets now. So if retailers are stocking it, consumers must be buying it. The team at Wholesale Scout have found a number of wholesale suppliers specialising in this market so if you’re looking to buy and resell for a profit, check out the deals from the trusted suppliers now.

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