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Profit From Holiday Essentials at Wholesale Prices

Despite the economy facing turbulent times during the past few years, it seems the holiday market is one of the only industries that remains relatively unaffected. Despite reports of consumer spending decreasing on the high-street it seems that when it comes to holidays, consumers aren’t afraid of putting their hands in their pockets.

A recent survey reported that 8 in 10 Brits went on holiday either in the UK or abroad during 2013 – demonstrating that the holiday market is still surging. And the survey also revealed that when asked which ‘luxury’ item they would cut back on, consumers indicated that their annual holiday would be the last thing to go.

Whether it’s holidaying in the UK or travelling abroad, thousands of consumers head on holiday every year to enjoy some much needed relaxation time and the recent survey demonstrates that this trend isn’t going to change anytime soon.

And for wholesale buyers this certainly provides an opportunity for some quick summer-time sales. For resellers wanting to profit from this industry it’s also worth making repeat purchases and keeping stock replenished – as there is always going to be a need for travel accessories. The heat-wave in the UK last year also increased holiday item sales as many consumers holidayed more frequently throughout the country and as the UK gears up for another heat-wave, sales are likely to be steady again this year.

There are certain holiday essentials that are bought every year and as many high street stores supply these products at expensive prices, many consumers head online to buy them. Sunglasses, hats and designer fashion items are some of the main holiday purchases made by consumers. Footwear is also a popular holiday purchase – a survey last year revealed that men aged between 25-34 years old spend an average of £178 a year on footwear and women of the same age spend an average of £171 – and these figures include flip-flops and sandals. T-shirts, swimwear and jewellery are just some of the other items that consumers are likely to invest in before heading off on holiday.

But there are so many other items that could make a healthy return on investment. Sun tan lotion, travel adaptors, swimming accessories and suitcases are a few of the items that could re-sell well.

At Wholesale Scout we have been working hard to find the best wholesale suppliers in this sector and have found some great deals that come in well below the RRP. Here are a few examples:



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 5 x Units

Large Family Paddling Pool




Nivea Sun Lotion – Factor 15




Continental Euro Travel Adaptor




Pair of Designer Style Sunglasses




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

If you are interested in purchasing these products (while stocks last) or are interested in finding other holiday items at wholesale prices then contact the featured wholesaler on the details below to find out more.

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