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Make Some Profit This Summer on Designer Sunglasses

The sun is finally out and this year, for the first time in a long while, it looks as though we will have a proper summer here in the UK. With the sun shining so brightly and most of us not used to this phenomena there will be plenty of people looking to add a pair of nice sunglasses to their fashion accessory collection.

We receive many enquiries from our members regarding suppliers of designer sunglasses at this time of year and for good reason – it’s the holiday season and the best time to sell beach essentials like sunglasses. The most sought after items will always be those that are well designed, good looking and from a renowned brand such as Fendi, Lipsy, DKNY or Versace. So with this in mind the WholesaleScout research team set to work on finding a designer sunglasses wholesaler that could supply these brands at a profitable trade price.

Sourcing wholesale suppliers of genuine designer sunglasses can be a bit of a minefield, unfortunately, due to the demand, there are plenty of dishonest businesses out there willing to sell would be wholesale buyers counterfeit designer items labelled as the real deal. Accounting for this our research team carefully researched wholesalers in this sector and finally found a company that made the grade. This is just a sample of their current sunglasses offering;



Wholesale Price per Unit

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per 5 Units

Versace Medusa Sunglasses




Fendi Charm Sunglasses




DKNY Oversize Logo Sunglasses




Lipsy Ombre Sunglasses




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

With some items available at over 60% off RRP you can see there is profit to be had when sourcing designer sunglasses from this wholesaler, so don’t delay and get in touch with them via the details below.

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