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Source Wholesale Versace Handbags, Diesel Jeans and Belstaff Jackets

Finding genuine designer goods at reasonable wholesale prices is always a major struggle. As most of our members know market prices change all the time and it’s very difficult to find a supplier dealing in authentic goods that will allow a healthy profit margin when sold on to the end consumer. Designer clothing and accessories are one of the most popular market sectors as far as online retail is concerned and as a result is one of the most asked about areas when members are contacting our research team for supplier advice.

So this month the Wholesale Scout research team set to work on finding a supplier that could deal in some of the popular designer names such as Versace, Diesel, Belstaff, Armani, Stone Island, Gucci and Boss at prices our members could profit from and thus keep their customers happily shod in the latest designer styles.

After touching base with several of our known wholesale contacts one particular designer clothing wholesaler alerted the WholesaleScout research team to their new Spring/Summer stock for 2011 which includes a wide range of top branded products at very low wholesale prices. Here’s just an example of their latest trade distribution stock offering:



Wholesale Price (Exc. VAT)


Potential Profit

Versace Designer Leather Handbag

120 Euros



Diesel Koolter Jeans

53 Euros



Belstaff Wool-lined Leather Jacket

255 Euros



Tommy Hilfiger

45 Euros



This is just a small sample of the deals and brands this wholesale supplier has to offer, for more information on current wholesale stock check the links below and get in touch with this trader to source your designer goods today!

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