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There’s Always a Market For Branded Fragrances

When subscribing to our services many of our members ask the question – what should we look to buy and sell? What sector should we get into it? There can be a million different answers to this question and no wrong or right answer – generally we advise that members look at product sectors that interest them or areas where they have some prior knowledge of the products/market as this will help them when it comes to finding the right items for prospective buyers. However we also say when you’re starting out it’s good to be flexible and sell what’s in demand wherever possible. One market sector that always performs is branded fragrances.

Despite the continuing recession spending in the UK on premium beauty products, including fragrances, has actually increased by over 10% year on year since 2008 suggesting that the average UK consumer is still willing to dig deep into their pockets for high quality brands. With the fragrance market thought to be worth £1.49 billion per year to the UK economy it’s a sector we’ve always looked into to ensure our members have access to the best suppliers.

With this in mind the WholesaleScout research team set to work looking to discover a supplier that not only dealt in 100% authentic branded wholesale designer fragrances but one that also offered them at a price point that would allow our wholesale buying members to make a healthy profit margin on re-sale. Our team’s research has uncovered one such supplier dealing on wholesale terms with a number of the world’s most renowned brands such as; DKNY, Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani, Chanel, Boss, Gucci, Givenchy, Dior and more plus this supplier has a low minimum order quantity of just five units allowing our members to get their hands on some initial stock with minimal outlay.

Get in touch with this supplier today to discuss your requirements and how they can help you get into the designer fragrance sector.

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