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How Wholesale Fragrances Can Spritz Up Your Business

Fragrances are popular all year round and by targeting the right ones you can rapidly boost sales.

Perfume and aftershave are a popular purchase throughout the year. Consumers flock to the high street in search of the latest designer brands for a variety of occasions – birthdays, events and Christmas are all popular times of year when it comes to fragrance sales. And many consumers look for branded items. Popular fragrance brands include Christian Dior, Gucci, Diesel, Chanel, Calvin Klein and Davidoff. Designer fragrances have been popular for years but last year saw the domination of celebrity fragrances. Some celebrities endorse brands while others create their own unique scent.

A quick look across the fragrance industry will demonstrate just how popular celebrities are when it comes to selling perfume and aftershave.

Brad Pitt adorns all of the new Chanel adverts, Charlize Theron endorses Dior, Britney Spears launched another perfume, David Beckham has his own fragrance line and now even reality television star Mark Wright has launched his own fragrance brand! Last year 73 celebrity fragrances were launched and the industry is now apparently worth £255 million.

The wholesale fragrance market is potentially a very lucrative market for resellers as many consumers look to online stores for the best prices. And by securing stock from competitive wholesale suppliers the potential for an increase in profits is huge.

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