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Brand Spotlight: Jo Malone London

Jo Malone Brand Spotlight

Jo Malone is a British company specialising in bespoke fragrances.

Since its creation twenty years ago, Jo Malone has gone from strength to strength. The brand, established in 1994, prides itself on creating unique scents for men, women and the home and although it’s a high-end brand the products are popular with many high street shoppers.

The company was created by entrepreneur Jo Malone, who started out creating fragrances in her spare time in her kitchen. Experimenting with flavours like nutmeg and ginger and blossom and honey, she created a range of bath oils that she could sell from home. Once the business ballooned, the first Jo Malone store was opened in Chelsea and a few years later the brand was bought by Estee Lauder for a reported multi-million dollar deal.

Now the Jo Malone brand is worldwide. Perfume fragrances are the brand’s speciality. The colognes range has a variety of scents to match all seasons including citrus, fruity, floral, light floral, spicy and woody. The unique scents mean there is something for everyone and something for every occasion. There are also bath oils, body moisturisers, scented candles, linen sprays and pampering products within the company’s portfolio.

The success of the brand shows just how lucrative this market is – the market is valued at over £16 billion a year.
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