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The beauty industry is big business in the UK and makeup is by far one of the most popular purchases.

A study by Superdrug last year revealed that the average woman will spend around £18,000 on her face during her lifetime. The study found that per year the average woman in the UK would spend £279.41 on products like face wipes, moisturisers, lip glosses and mascara. And these figures shouldn’t come as a shock – most high street stores are full of beauty products, make up and anti ageing creams. Even supermarkets stock big brand items. The UK cosmetics manufacturing market is worth an estimated £2.25 billion, so it’s clearly big business.

So what does this mean if you are a wholesale buyer? Well the team at Wholesale Scout have worked in this industry for a number of years and have seen some big bargains being offered by wholesale suppliers. The bigger the bargain and the cheaper you can buy products from suppliers, means higher profit margins for resellers. A case study the team did in October 2012 shows just what profits can be made on wholesale beauty items.

One wholesaler was offering a Smashbox Pro Palette, in batches of 25, for £212. With a likely resale price of £15.99 per unit, that meant a possible profit of £185 per batch! Another wholesale deal was on the Mac Loose Select Sheer Loose Powder – an item that can sell for £17.50 on the high street, but was available at just £9.12 from a wholesaler.

These deals aren’t a rarity – if you are willing to buy in bulk then you should be able to secure some very lucrative buys. There are a number of wholesalers within our wholesale directory offering beauty items from a variety of brands including Mac, Laura Mercier, Benefit and Urban Decay. Start browsing the site to find these suppliers now.
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