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How to Find Desktop Computers at Wholesale Prices

Despite big competition from smaller devices, desktop computers are still sold on the high street and online and are still popular with many consumers. And if you can find a unit at well below the RRP you could potentially sell it on with a high profit margin. So where can you find desktop computers at wholesale?

There are a variety of wholesalers offering computers at trade prices. The team at Wholesale Scout did a case study a few years ago on wholesale computers and there were some big profits to be made. One Dell desktop could be bought at a wholesale price of £813 and had a re-sale price of £1,649 – offering over £800 in profit. And this is just one example of what kind of deals are available if you find the right wholesale supplier.

Although desktop computers have been facing competition from laptops and tablet computers, sales have not been declining as quickly as some critics first thought – demonstrating that there is still a place in the market for desktops. 81.6 million PC units were shipped worldwide during the third quarter of 2013 demonstrating that there is still definitely a demand.

There are a variety of brands and models on the market too. Popular brands include Dell, HP, Samsung and Packard Bell and all of these can be found at wholesale prices. The best place to resell stock is online – consumers always check auctions sites like eBay to find bargain deals so if you haven’t got your own eCommerce site consider listing it somewhere else online.

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