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Buy Scented Candles from Wholesalers

Scented candles are all over the high street and online retail sites so why not grab a part of this market and invest in them too for your wholesale business?

Scented candles have become very popular in recent years. Once an item bought on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, the scented candle is now a firm favourite when it comes to pampering purchases. Thousands of consumers invest in scented candles all year round as either a decorative item in their bathroom, a scented product in their home or some consumers use it as part of their beauty routine. And with some candles costing high prices (especially designer candles) many people now look online to make purchases to make a saving.

If you are a wholesale buyer looking to profit online then this opens up many investment opportunities. The team at Wholesale Scout know of a variety of wholesalers that can offer great deals on scented candles. Most of these wholesalers will offer wholesale pallets or job lots of candles – so you can buy in bulk for a much bigger discount and re-sale each item separately.

One of the most popular brands on the market is Yankee Candle. Their vibrant packaging and trademark scents make them one of the most popular purchases on the high street so investing in this brand should guarantee you steady sales. Jo Malone is also another brand that has been becoming more and more popular with consumers. Traditionally the Jo Malone stores have been in London but with more and more stores opening up across the country the name is becoming very well known.

The price you can buy in scented candles really does depend on the wholesale supplier you contact. But we’ve seen one wholesaler in the past offering pallets of scented candles at just 69p per unit. And some of these candles had a resale price of £11 so as you can see there are potentially high mark ups to be made!

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