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Getting Seasonal by Profitting from Wholesale Garden Supplies

Gardening is big business! The gardening retail market is worth over £4.6 billion in the UK and thousands of consumers all over the country enjoy gardening as a hobby.

Not only is gardening a hobby for many green-fingered enthusiasts, but it’s a necessity for most households. During the winter months gardens across the country may be abandoned but as soon as spring hits people head outdoors to mow their lawns, plant bulbs and to get their garden ready for summer. And gardens, no matter the size, need regular upkeep. Most people during the warmer months will be outside gardening at least once a week and so, inevitably, during this time garden centres and retailers become quite busy.

One glance at retail stores like B&Q and Homebase will demonstrate just how lucrative this market is too. Some garden products like lawn mowers and power tools can be sold for hundreds of pounds and some can even cost thousands! Although products like this are definitely worth looking out for, if you invest in the smaller, essential and everyday items you could see your profit margins increasing sooner as these items are sold on a more frequent basis. Stocking up on smaller gardening products will mean less storage costs for you too. Most gardeners will replace items like spray guns, watering cans, spades, forks, rakes and weeders once or twice a year and so the re-selling window for these products can be quite large. Recent reports also suggest that plant sales have remained steady during the past few years and sales of bulbs, seeds and bedding plants have been increasing. With that in mind, plant pots could be a solid investment if sourced at a competitive wholesale price.

Obviously profit margins can vary from product to product but here some examples of bargain gardening products we have found from one supplier:



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 5 x Units

6 Dial Spray Gun for a Garden Hose




Four Piece Rattan Garden Furniture Set




Garden Clock with Thermometer




Wall & Cascading Bowls Water Feature




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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