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Find Wholesale Lawn Mowers

Although summer is coming to a close, most parts of the country are still experiencing some warm weather. And during the next few weeks consumers will be tidying up their garden ready for the winter – and so wholesale buyers should start looking for relevant stock.

One piece of equipment that is popular in the garden at this time of year is the lawn mower. Most consumers, even those that aren’t that enthusiastic about gardens, will be tidying up their lawn before the cold weather kicks in and so this is an essential piece of kit.

As they are a necessity for most gardens, lawn mowers are one of the most popular gardening products out there and can return some healthy profits for resellers.

The average unit price in a high street store is around £100 – with some higher-end models costing up to £200! With so many people looking to save money, most consumers will be heading to the internet to try and bag a bargain and this is where resellers can boost sales.

By finding competitive wholesale suppliers you can undercut most store prices and increase sales.

Electric rotary, petrol rotary and cordless rotary lawn mowers are usually most popular as they are designed for small to medium sized gardens. But other models like ride on lawn mowers are targeted by commercial organisations who are still looking for a bargain.

We have a list of wholesale lawn mower suppliers and other garden related products so start browsing the wholesale directory today.

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