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Boosting Wholesale Business in the Summer

The summer is almost over in the UK and if you’re running a wholesale business you’ll probably already be looking ahead to next summer and how you can boost business.

If it’s been a bit of a slow few months for your business, don’t worry – it’s been an odd summer weather-wise and therefore hard to predict product trends. One minute the sun is out and the next we’re dashing off to find umbrellas to guard us from the rain!

But there are a few things that are certain when it comes to product selection over the summer. Check out our check list below to help you plan for next year and to help you stay ahead of your competitors;

Good relationships with wholesale suppliers are essential – finding the right one that can provide the products you are after at the right price, could really enhance your business. Spend time searching for and researching suppliers, read customer reviews and try and meet them at wholesale networking events. If you start working on a relationship with a wholesaler now, chances are you will have built good rapport by next summer and should be in a good position to buy products at competitive prices.

Holiday essentials are always desired during the summer months. If it’s not a holiday at home, then you can be sure consumers will be packing their bags for an abroad holiday during the summer holidays. So stocking up on essentials like sun tan lotion and swimwear can boost your sales.

Camping is becoming more and more popular in the UK as it provides a cheap alternative to a summer holiday. Many consumers camp all year round too so camping accessories are a definite product choice for your inventory.

Gardening products are most popular during the summer and typically we see sales in this area increase during spring time. Stock up early on wholesale gardening products to keep ahead of your competitors.

As well as searching for products you know will be sought after, keep an eye out for other trends throughout the year and stock up accordingly. Movies, sport and seasonal trends are the ones to look at.

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