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Start Blogging About Your Wholesale Business

If you have just started your wholesale business then you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to promote it – and writing a blog is an ideal way to boost your business profile.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is popular in a variety of industries and professions. Bloggers, either working to promote a company or just simply writing about their passion, will target a niche market and write about newsworthy topics. There are thousands of bloggers on the internet, all writing about a variety of topics – from fashion and entertainment to photography and food. Blogging allows a user to create an online space where photos, text, comment and videos can be uploaded. Bloggers usually use other forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter to publicise their blog and brand.

Why It Can Help Your Business

Blogging can be great for business for a number of reasons. If you write a blog that is both informative and provocative it’s likely to get noticed in your industry. If you write topical posts, offer opinion and ask for comment then you are beginning to create a social aspect to your business – which many consumers enjoy. Not only does this allow your customers to interact with your brand and create discussion, but it also can create publicity. If your customers like a particular blog post or find the discussion interesting they are likely to pass it on to contacts and therefore help to grow your brand. Blogs can also be very effective when linked to your website. They can help to explain your processes and products to your customers but they are also great for your online presence. The more relevant content you have on your website, the better rankings you will find when it comes to search terms and your online visibility. Above all, a blog can really help you to expand your business as it enables you to find out more about your industry and market. If you are writing a blog post about a new product, you may need to research this online which could help you to find more competitive wholesale suppliers and cheaper products.

How to Start a Blog

• Decide what platform you want to use (a quick Google search will show that Blogger and WordPress are popular).

• Decide a name for the blog.

• Decide what content you want to write about and divide these into categories i.e. products, wholesale news etc.

• Decide a layout and design – if you already have an online presence consider using the same colours and themes as your website to allow for consistency.

• Take pictures – these are vital for a blog. Customers will switch off if there are mountains of text so try to include pictures and captions.

• Start writing!!! Depending on your resources, try to create at least one topical blog post a week. Share this with your own network and create discussion. Keep blogging and hopefully this should help you to expand your business!

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