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Tips on How to Sell on Amazon

There are a number of online sites you can use to sell your wholesale products and Amazon is becoming increasingly popular. If you are considering selling wholesale products on Amazon check out these tips below to help you maximise sales.

Product Selection

Choosing the correct products to sell online is essential and to do this you need to know your market and customers well. Spend time browsing the Amazon website to look at what products are already available and choose a category for yours to fit in. The most popular products on Amazon include books and DVDs but electronic items are also highly sought after online. Choose your products carefully before you start posting them on the site.


One of the easiest ways to boost your sales is by offering competitive prices. If you offer competitive prices not only will consumers be attracted to your products but it could encourage repeat spending.


When you use Amazon you will need to list delivery details including any delivery costs and the time the customer can expect to receive their item. It is vital that you deliver your items on time as it’s crucial for customer ratings. Customers are able to rate you on your reliability and customer service so for your online reputation ensure you fulfil orders and manage your inventory.

Customer Rapport

Building customer rapport is essential if you want to encourage repeat purchases. Ensure you interact with your customers. Respond to enquiries and if a customer emails you with product enquiries ensure you research and reply. You can also ask for feedback on the site which can improve your online sales so consider asking your customers for their feedback.

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