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Laptops, although facing competition from portable tablet devices, are just as popular as ever.

Laptops have been around for years yet their popularity hasn’t seemed to falter when it comes to consumer purchasing. Despite competition from more portable devices like Smartphones and tablet computers, laptops remain a very popular purchase in the electronics industry.

Laptops continue to out-sell desktop computers and many consumers who can’t afford the latest tablet see a laptop as the most cost-effective portable computer purchase. In 2009 159 million portable computers(laptops) were sold and, although this has decreased since the introduction of tablets, laptops are still a lucrative product.

Laptops are popular for a variety of reasons. They are robust, can store a large amount of data and can be used as an alternative to a home PC. Some tablet computers are even merging the technology of laptops to accommodate consumer demand. Many consumers like to type and work on the move however with touch screen typing; many tablets can be difficult to write long passages of text on. There are now a number of tablets offering portable keyboards which you can connect your tablet to should you need to write – remarkably similar to a laptop. This development demonstrates that there is still a market for the laptop computer.

Many consumers hit high street stores and online stores to search for the latest laptop model and are constantly in search of the best prices.

For wholesale buyers this can be a very profitable product to have in stock, as they are popular all year round and are popular with a variety of consumers.

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