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Internet Shopping Most Popular in the UK

A new survey suggests that internet shopping is most popular in the UK, with thousands of consumers opting to buy online as opposed to visiting high street stores.

The new survey from Ofcom suggests that internet shopping is more popular in the UK than any other country in the world. The report found that consumers in the UK spend an average of £1,083 a year online.

The rise in online spending is thought to be due to more consumers using portable devices like Smartphones and tablet computers to buy products. The introduction of new technology this year including the Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini could have contributed to online spending figures. It has been reported that last year 16% of all web traffic in the UK came from mobile devices.

Online shopping figures increase throughout the winter months too as more and more consumers buy Christmas presents online to avoid rising high street prices and the busy queues.

These latest figures demonstrate just how popular online spending is in the country and it reinforces why wholesale buyers should have some form of online presence. Whether it’s setting up an e-Commerce website or using sites like eBay to sell products, resellers need to get their products online in order to gain maximum product exposure.

Online wholesale tips:

• If you want to create a website for your wholesale business, ensure it is easy to navigate and has a trusted shopping cart facility. For more tips on setting up a wholesale website see this wholesale advice article.

• Ensure all products listed online have a photo and product description attached. This will help the product to get noticed and will add credibility to your brand.

• Consider using SEO (search engine optimisation) and paid ‘clicks’ to get your brand noticed online.

• Review product selection regularly. Look at your competitors, review pricing and keep up with product trends. Online retail is fast paced.

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