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MP3 players are a popular electrical product all year round. Many consumers use them for sport including the gym but they are also bought throughout the year as a gift idea.

With the number of people streaming music online and the popularity of downloading constantly increasing, many consumers now use MP3 players or docking stations to listen to music. Although consumers continue to purchase CDs and albums the popularity of MP3 tracks seems to be constantly increasing.

MP3 players are versatile and can be used for a variety of occasions. Many consumers purchase them as they are portable and can work well in the gym or during exercise. But MP3 players are also popular for commuters, consumers on holiday and for travellers. There are definite profits to be made when it comes to sourcing wholesale MP3 players and this is why resellers should consider this gadget for their inventory.

Not only are they relatively easy to stock because of their size, but there is no expiration date on the products. They are not seasonal so can be sold all year round. By finding competitive wholesale suppliers, resellers can purchase at a low cost and sell on with a reasonable profit margin. Depending on the make and model, MP3 players can be sold for over £100.

Popular makes include Sony and Samsung. But iPods are also extremely popular – although with many larger retailers selling iPods and Apple products it can be harder to make a profit.

If you are interested in finding MP3 players and other portable products at wholesale prices then register today and start contacting wholesalers!

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