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How to Boost Your Wholesale Business During the Rainy Season

Winter in the UK is notoriously wet, with most parts of the country experiencing torrential rain and floods. But although the rainy weather can make consumers miserable, it can help to boost your wholesale sales. Check out the products below that you can source during rainy weather to increase your profits.


Coats are essential items for the rainy season. Whether it’s a rain-mac or a fashion coat, consumers will all be looking for something to wrap up warm with this winter. The high street is full of winter coats at this time of year and there is a variety to pick from. Anoraks, trench coats, bomber jackets, body warmers, duffle coats…the list goes on! We have a list of wholesale coat suppliers that will help you boost your profits and gain more customer interest.


The wet weather can make it difficult to walk and so walking boots and wellington boots are very popular purchases. Outdoor retailers are popular during the rainy season as good-grip footwear is essential so to boost your business start contacting wholesale footwear suppliers.


Wholesale umbrellas can be a great all year round purchase. The weather in the UK is always unpredictable, bit most of the time it rains! So whether it’s walking to work, socialising or going on a UK based holiday, consumers always need an umbrella. These are also a great item to stock if you are lacking in storage capacity as they don’t require much space!


You’ve no doubt seen the vehicles on the road spreading salt. Some parts of the country have been hit by very frosty weather and so icy roads can be very dangerous for commuters. With more and more people travelling by road there is a constant demand for this product and there are some definite profits to be made. Find road salt wholesale suppliers on the site today.

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