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Consumers buy footwear all year round and with such a variety on the market there are certainly a few names to choose from! Wholesale buyers wanting to resell items at a high profit margin could definitely see results when purchasing trainers at wholesale prices.

With the right wholesaler resellers could make a healthy profit margin – the team at Wholesale Scout have even seen some trainers being sold for half their RRP! Figures show just how popular spending on footwear is in the UK.

In total women across the country spend approximately over four million pounds a year on footwear and men spend an estimated three million pounds a year. Footwear is clearly a profitable industry and it’s one that resellers could have a slice of.

There are a variety of styles and brands that are popular and sales can vary from season to season. During the winter months consumers are likely to purchase boots to help them combat the poor weather. This case study on wholesale boots has some great supplier information in it. These suppliers have access to a variety of boot styles at wholesale prices and one style that seems to be increasing in popularity is the biker boot. It can be seen all over the British high street and this edgy footwear design should create steady sales for any wholesale buyer investing in them.

During the spring sales of ballet pumps increase and this is obvious to see when looking at high street retailers. One glance at stores like Topshop and River Island will show you just how popular this type of footwear is – a variety of styles are stocked at this time of year.

In the summer there are a number of designer and high street flip flops, sandals and trainers that are popular. Toms are popular with both men and women during the hotter months as are Havaiana flip-flops. This designer footwear can be sold from £20 upwards on the high street – some Toms can reach over £60 in price. So, if a reseller contacts the right wholesaler and can buy items in at below their RRP, then the potential to make profit is huge.

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