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With the hot weather descending onto the UK lots of people across the country will be looking to get outdoors. And one of the most popular weekend activities when it’s sunny is camping.

There are so many camping hotspots across the UK. The scenic views in the Lake District, the rolling countryside in the New Forest and the dramatic coast line across the Jurassic Coast are just a few of the popular places to camp in the UK.

Camping has always been popular in this country however in the past few years it has grown – between 2012 and 2013 the industry grew by 15% and it’s thought that the popularity of ‘glamping’ contributed to this increase. Glamping or camping in style was promoted by a number of celebrities and television programs and it seems to have been popular with consumers too. Glamping usually involves bigger and better tents, better wash facilities and a bit of luxury to the outdoors.

But some figures released in 2012 also show how popular traditional camping is too. In 2012 people living in the UK took 15.9 million camping trips throughout the year and 26% of this market was made up of people camping in tents. Not only is camping considered an easy family getaway but it also keep costs down for those not wanting to travel to a different country. And with so much to see around the UK it’s not hard to see why holidaying outdoors is popular.

So as the hot weather approaches there will no doubt be an increase in camping equipment sales. Big outdoors retailers have already started preparing by stocking up on products and highlighting discounts for the summer season.

If you are a wholesale buyer looking to make some profit in the next month or so then finding camping items at wholesale prices could be a lucrative move. Some equipment can be found from the right wholesaler at 50% off the RRP so there are potentially some big profits to be made. Items that will be bought during camping season include tents, sleeping bags, BBQs and gazebos.

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