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Find Gazebos and Marquees from Wholesalers

As the warmer weather covers the UK it could be the ideal time to invest in gazebos and marquees.

Gazebos and marquees are a popular buy through the summer months as many consumers buy them for use in the garden and for hosting outdoor parties. Gazebos and marquees not only provide shade from the warmer weather but they can also provide shelter from the rain – something residents in the UK are all too familiar with!

For this reason gazebos and marquees are very popular at this time of year. Not only can they be used in the warmer months but they can also be used in the winter to host outdoor events. As sales of BBQs, holiday products and beach attire increases no doubt sales of gazebos and marquees will too.

Garden centres across the country have already stocked up on these products and offer exclusive deals on them throughout the summer months to entice more sales. And if you are a reseller this is a market worth buying into if you’re looking to increase profits during the summer. Sourcing wholesale gazebos and outdoor equipment could prove lucrative.

The price of gazebos can vary tremendously depending on the retailer and the size. But smaller, lightweight gazebos usually sell for £20 and larger, luxury gazebos can sell from £120 upwards. If you contact the right wholesalers you could find these products at well below their RRP – some wholesalers can offer discounts as big as 50%. This would enable you to resell these products with a large profit margin.

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